Russian Welding Equipment, schematic diagrams

Portable Russian Welding Transformer TSB-90-1U3 The russian welding transformer type “TSB-90-1U3” is an industrial manufacturing welding equipment. It isĀ designed for manual metal arc welding (MMA), in alternating current, of low carbon steels with thickness less than 3mm, using 2-3mm electrodes. Quick welding specs MMA welder low carbon steels with maximum thickness of 3mm 2-3mm electrodes…


Welding Inverter Startup Circuit

Welding Inverter Startup Circuit The input line voltage is rectified and the DC voltage applied to the input filter capacitors. The two input relais and special electronic circuits are used. The present circuit contains precharging circuitry for the safe charging of the input filter capacitors. Once the capacitors are precharged, the input relais are energized,…